Pature Raised Free-Range Chicken

We do not have any dinner chickens available at this time. To be notified when we do have chicken available, please email us at

Free Range Chicken Eggs
$4.00 per dozen

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Buying Pastured Poultry: Beginners Guide

What is pastured poultry?
Pastured poultry is a term that was coined by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia. Pastured poultry could also be considered free-range chicken. There is no standard USDA definition of free-range chicken or pastured poultry.

At Monnett Farms, pastured poultry and free-range chicken means that after the initial brooding period (about 2-3 weeks) our chickens spend their entire life on pasture. The chickens are able to move about freely and comfortably in a fenced in area that also protects them from predators. They also have a shelter (coop) that they can go in to sleep at night and escape the weather.

Do you sell cuts of chicken like breast or drumsticks?
At this point, we only sell whole chicken. It is more economical to process the chickens this way. If you are interested in individual cuts, we suggest buying our fresh chicken and break it down into the cuts you want before freezing.

Does free-range chicken taste different?
Monnett Farms chicken does taste like chicken, but it may look and/or taste different from what you buy in the grocery store. Our chickens have darker feathers which can make the skin appear darker or “spotted”. Most people describe free-range chicken as more flavorful. When people experience free-range chicken as being “tough”, it is likely to have more to do with the cooking method than the way the bird was raised.