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You can purchase our meats at the California Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm April through November. If you have any questions, or would like to plane a special order, please email us at Get meat prices and availability

Custom Meat Orders

Pasture Raised Pork
We are not currently accepting custom pork orders, however if you’re interested in purchasing a half/whole hog, please email us at to be put on our waiting list. First time ordering a whole or half hog? Read our Pork Buying Guide for more details.

Grass Fed Beef
Sides of beef will be available in Spring 2017. Please email to join our waiting list.
Wonder what you’ll get when you order a side of beef? Read our Beef Buying Guide

About Monnett Farms Meats

Learn more about the livestock we raise and meats we offer:
Grass Fed Beef
Pasture-Raised Pork
Pastured Poultry
Goat Meat
Grass Fed Lamb

We care about the food we feed our family. That is why we have chosen to raise livestock on a pasture-based system. Our animals are never given hormones. We’ve never had to use antibiotics, and never would unless they were medically necessary. Our beef, goat and lamb are born and raised at Monnett Farms and are 100% grass fed.

We purchase weaned piglets from a local farm and day old chicks to raise and finish at our farm on pasture. Unlike ruminants (cows, goats and sheep), pigs and chickens can’t survive on an exclusively grass-based diet. They have constant access to forage materials and we supplement that diet with a grain-based feed.

Benefits of Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Meats
The science says that there’s really no difference between grass fed meats and conventionally raised meats. Personally, we think grass fed beef tastes better – and luckily, our customers agree.

We have a small farm with rolling hills. It’s not good for growing row crops, but it is ideal for raising animals on pasture. We work closely with the Calvert County Soil Conservation District to manage our rotational grazing, keeping livestock out of ponds and streams and ensuring that they have a nutritious grass supply. We feel that we are practicing eco-friendly and sustainable farming. Rotational grazing systems allow the animals to naturally fertilize our pasture, spreading manure evenly – rather than having it build up and need to be spread manually. Our cattle, goats and sheep are able to satisfy their natural urge to graze.

We invite you to come out to the farm and take a look for yourself. Please call us to set up a farm visit.

From Our Blog

Reflections on Raising Meat
It’s with some hesitation that I write this post. The ultimate fate of our animals is something that we try not to focus on. Most people would prefer to eat their meat without thinking about the fact that it came from a once living animal. It’s much easier that way.

We are often asked “how can you do it?”. It’s not easy – but I’ve gotten to the point now, where it seems more difficult to buy meat at the store not knowing where it came from – and I don’t just mean geographically. I mean knowing how it was raised, what it was fed, how it was cared for and how it ultimately died. I think the more important question to ask is why Benson and I farm. Here are just a few of the reasons…continue reading