New additions at Monnett Farms

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This March, we welcomed 11 kids and 8 lambs to the farm. Everyone is doing well despite the cold weather and snow we had.

Kiko goat mother with twin kids

Freezing Weather & Less Than Perfect Timing

Goat Kid Born on Frigid March Night
Benson with a new born Kiko goat born on one of the coldest night on record

The animals have a way of timing things out that is usually less than perfect. We had one little buckling born in the frigid temperatures on Sunday March 2nd. His mom had him out in the snow and with sub-freezing temperatures, he was having a hard time. Luckily, Benson found him quickly. After spending several hours (in the middle of the night) warming him up in the truck, we were able to reunite him with his mother and the pair is doing well.

3 kiko goat kids cuddled up tan and white kiko goat kid brown, black and white kiko goat kid

First Lambs Born at Monnett Farms

This is our first year having lambs on the farm, which has made things extra exciting. We’re really please with how the sheep have done and the lambs seem very strong and healthy.

St. Croix sheep and newborn lamb

One of our St. Croix sheep with her newborn lamb

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