In 2012, we added a flock of St. Croix sheep to the farm. St. Croix are part of the Caribbean Hair Sheep family of breeds. We selected St. Croix hair sheep because of their hardiness and tolerance for heat and humidity. The St. Croix Sheep have been identified by the American Livestock Conservancy as being a threatened breed. At Monnett Farms we are raising a flock of St. Croix hair sheep as part of a conservation breeding plan as well as to market for lamb.

Monnett Farms St. Croix Ram Prince Frederick MD
Monnett Farms St. Croix Ram

St. Croix Sheep For Sale

We hope to have some St. Croix breeding stock for sale in Fall 2015. Please contact us via email or 410-535-4357 if you would like more information.