We have been raising goats at Monnett Farms since 2009. We primarily raise Kiko goats, marketed as chevon (goat meat) as well as Kiko goat breeding stock.

Kiko Goat Breeding Stock

Sold out of goats until Summer 2015

Goat kids are born in the early Spring, weaned doelings and bucklings are generally available around early to mid-Summer. Adult breeding-stock bucks and does are frequently available after we retire them from our program.  There are additional fees if you want registered animals.  We accept deposits to secure a purchase. Call or email sales@monnettfarms.com for pricing information.

Our Herd
Our first Kiko Goats came from John Smith in Petersburg, VA. We selected the Kiko goat breed for their parasite resistance as well as their strong mothering abilities. The goats are raised on pasture as well as wooded areas to satisfy their natural tendency to browse.

We have continued to improve our herd, selecting well performing Bucks. Our most recent addition, ‘Buckston’ was the #3 goat in the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program, consigned by Jodie and Randy Majancsik of Kentucky.